Altering Frequencies

Since the inception of Altering Frequencies Extrasensory Institute founded in 2014 by TS Legosit, the world’s first online training institute for the enhancement of extrasensory abilities, our instructors have compiled years of in depth research and analytical studies in the fields of Metaphysical Science, Quantum Dynamics and Origins of Energy. Throughout their studies and research, each one of them noticed on separate occasions patterns in relation to the men and women that displayed these higher degrees of mental disciplines throughout history. The overwhelming findings to their analyses came back that each one of these pioneers stated at different points in their biography that they always felt that there was something inherently different about them and their thought processes in relation to their peers that surrounded them. That somehow this something that made them feel disconnected from the rest of humanity had to be developed and harnessed. This is where the birth of AFEI began, the world’s first online Extrasensory Enhancement program designed for specific men and women to develop latent extrasensory abilities for the evolution in social consciousness. Many have asked what accredited courses do we offer, but here at AFEI we believe that the disciplines of the mind and body that we offer have a greater relevance on the course of life on our planet than the parameters of an accredited structured program based in rules defined by government. We believe the benefits far outweigh the title.

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  1. All content of site is offered free to those that are interested in a brief overview of the courses offered. The students that are interested in actually enrolling in these training excersizes will be charged a fee of $7.99 for the first edition to our training manual. Altering Frequences Intro To The Ancient Sciences Vol.I.(ebook). Please allow time for the downloading of (Study Guide Vol I). We are fortunate to have an overwhelming response of students wanting to enroll in our online programs!!!Time is limited.

    Please e-mail us at
    For free registration information

    Term I
    Volume I study guide: Intro To The Ancient Sciences
    A) Metaphysical Alchemy -(5 hour session) one hour per week
    B) Kinetic Projection -(5 hour session) one hour per week

    Term II
    A) Subliminal Linguistics -(5 hour session) one hour per week
    B) Global Psychological Warefare -(5 hour session) one hour per week

    Term III
    Volume II study guide: Intro To Behind The curtain
    A) Paranormal Counter Ops -(4 hour session) one hour per week
    B) Outer Body Maneuvers -(4 hour session) one hour per week

    Term IV
    A) Cerebral Torpedos -(5 hour session) one hour per week
    B) Interdemensional Warfare -(5 hour session) one hour per week

    A)Times offered for online training tutorials sessions will be offered in one hour blocks once a week.

    B)The sessions format will be in group discussion form where the
    instructor will give the overview of the study material in a 45 minute block and the remaining 15 minutes will be for any responses or group discussion.

    C)There will be a newsletter sent out letting all students know when the first term begins. Please make sure to list a proper e-mail at our e-mail address with a brief description of why you feel this course will benefit you. All e-mails will be read, reviewed and responded to.

    Thank you and all the best from AFEI staff.

  2. Great job on the site. Will be reviewing and recommending to individuals that are looking for a quality course in actualizing POTENTIALITY.

    1. The ancients beckon us forward into the next demension of existence,where thoughts create our reality and love is the source of all light,knowledge is understood by all and in all. Where the time continuum ceases to exist and the breath we breath is all nurishment,where our mind have eyes and there is no sleep,millineums pass like shadows on a wall,where all things radiate with the highest vibration.We are the sentients keepers of the multiverses,gatekeepers for the most high commanders of the wind that is angels.Shalom

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