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Global Psychological Warefare

Conditioning in the ability to detect low electromagnetic frequencies from being channeled to the four conscious an subconsciuos bio-metaphysical hemispheres of the body complex. Pineal or frontal lobular hemisphere receptor region, occular cortex region, cochlear(eardrum) receptor region and larynx (voicebox) receptor region which biologically is not a dominant body complex receptor for E.L.M frequencies at times has been reported to have a minimul influx of kenetic backfeed.


(See Sections 2~5 Global Psychological Warfare)

Altering Frequencies

Altering Frequencies Institute is the world’s first online training site designed and founded for the develpoment of extra sensory precognative abilities.

Where did we come from, what are we made of and where are we going. We ask ourselves these three questions throughout our existence here on this planet we call earth, right up to our last breath we breathe, but yet with no absolute answer… what a mystery right? This thing we call life. We see what we call death all around us, on the news, in the movies, on the internet, in our own families… yes even in real life itself, but we go on hoping to live forever, but all the while knowing deep in our hearts and in the back of our minds… one day our time will come… one day our time will come. So what do we do with this most precious allotted amount of time we have here? For some we chase the wind and amass large amounts of money, for some we seek pleasures of all kinds telling ourselves “that before I leave this place I am going to live it up… push it to the limit… leave it all on the court, yet for some we grind it out day by day, hour by hour, year by year not wanting to admit it but looking for the end of this mysterious struggle of debt and taxes, love and pain, traffic jams and lonely weekend nights, But for some or I would refer to as the later those that seek a path not trodden by many and only a few find, this the secret doorway, this the pathway that runs between the forks at the crossroads, for some who believe they were born for tomorrow… these I would like to call “The Sentients”. Men and women who have somehow figured out that there is no matrix for them, men and women who exist on the outer ether of things, men and women who have been able to see through the cloud and fog of this life mystery to behold a world view, a global view, a cosmic view of things, looking back down on our planet and yes even ourselves from beyond the body’s view, these are the men and women who have lived in the past that shape our present, these are the men and women who live in the present that shape our tomorrow and these are the men and women yet to be born that will shape the course of destiny on the higher dimensions of existence…

Have you ever had the feeling like you just don’t fit in? Almost as if those around you see or notice something in you, that you are aware exists in you, but you just haven’t been able to figure out just what that something is. The feeling of standing in a crowded room, a stadium even and still feeling alone, still feeling immersed inside an invisible bubble it seems, able to interpret thoughts from afar before words are ever spoken, able to know what those around you are feeling even when their words express otherwise. Falling asleep and immediately finding yourself outside the body with the most complex algorithms to space and time being explained and downloaded inside you. For the longest time I have questioned myself. I have beaten myself up and have even considered myself an outcast but until recently I have removed the veil and uncovered an ancient mystery that has set shamans apart from servants and mystics apart from mainstream. This is where those that read this blog, journey will begin. You are not what they told you you were. Throughout history there has always been born to earth a small but select remnant of human beings born for the sole purpose of altering world events and future conditions, many that posses this calling remain clueless and unaware of this latent ancient calling within them, until now. This site has been strictly designed to call that small but select remnant forward. “Those that will alter the future”. Please do not be mislead this site is not a subscription to occult philosophies or esoteric theories but instead scientifically proven an measured controllable fields of kinetic energy that the body and its internal organs produce and harness and how these energies can be understood harnessed and directed for the greater good of all humanity.